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Webcam Sottomarina

Sottomarina borders a sandy beach with sunbed rentals and bars with a relaxing ambiance. There are slides and pools at the Bagni Europa Acquaparco Idrofollie water park. Waterfront restaurants serve locally caught fish and clubs play Latin music after sunset. Not far from the San Felice marina is the star-shaped medieval fortress of the same name. There are also some campsites in the area. With our webcam Sottomarina you can follow the life in the popular Italian seaside resort from the comfort of your home.

Sottomarina, a district of Chioggia, is one of the most popular seaside resorts on the northern Adriatic coast. The beach of Sottomarina extends in the north from the Diga of San Felice to the south to the Diga on the Brenta. This exclusive seaside resort offers relaxation and comfort. In Sottomarina you can spend a wellness vacation and also practice various sports activities. If you have a dog, you can bring it to the seaside resort, as special zones are designated for four-legged friends. On the Atlantic coast there are various amusement parks and water parks that offer you a rich leisure program from morning to night. In addition, along the seafront you will find a number of restaurants that will tempt you with all kinds of food.

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Chioggia: Sottomarina – Spiaggia di Sottomarina

Weather radar Sottomarina – The weather in Sottomarina

The webcam Sottomarina not only offers you an excellent view of the weather through live pictures, but also provides you with a special weather radar. With the weather radar you are always up to date on how the weather in Sottomarina will change in the near future. The radar of the webcam shows the areas where precipitation is falling in different colors. The shades of green and blue indicate that only light precipitation is expected. Purple and red, on the other hand, represent very high amounts of precipitation. If a thunderstorm is expected, the weather radar displays a small lightning symbol.


The climate in Sottomarina

The climatic conditions in Sottomarina can be described as Mediterranean climate with hot summer. Located in the northern hemisphere, the seaside resort has its summer from June to August. The water temperature reaches up to 26 °C in summer. The sunshine hours in Sottomarina, Italy, are about 3,008 per year. Humidity is highest in January, at 81 percent. In June/July, however, the relative humidity is usually no higher than 50 percent. The coldest month is January with an average of 2 °C. In July, temperatures are measured around 29 °C.

Attractions in Sottomarina

In Sottomarina you can expect over ten kilometers of beaches and several waterfront promenades. If you want to do some sports, kitesurfing and windsurfing are perfect for you. Or how about renting a yacht in the harbor and sailing out on the beautiful Adriatic Sea? If you prefer to stay on land, we recommend a visit to the Mercato del Pesce, a traditional fish market held regularly in the center of town. You should also consider visits to the Museo dell’Orologio (Clock Museum) or Museo di Zoologia Adriatica, an exhibition where you can immerse yourself in the world of the sea.