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Weather radar live

You have planned a trip into nature? Or simply want to enjoy the sun on your terrace or balcony? Then you should check out the weather radar live for your region or city! It provides you with all relevant information about the weather as well as a weather forecast.

You will receive an overview of the current weather and will be able to predict what the weather will be like in the upcoming hours.

Depending on the intensity, the precipitation appears on the rain radar in the colors blue (weak precipitation), green, yellow, orange (moderate precipitation), red or purple (very heavy precipitation). Thunderstorms and lightning strikes are indicated by a small lightning symbol.

This is how the weather radar live works:

First, select the weather radar live for your region or city on the interactive map of Germany. You will then be directed to the respective weather radar map. The weather radar live itself displays cloud cover, current precipitation, storms, thunderstorms or tornados in real-time. You will also find a current weather forecast for the next three days, which informs you about the weather, temperature, air pressure, precipitation, UV exposure, and the time of sunrise or sunset.

What is a weather radar live?

A weather radar live is a special type of radar that collects and analyzes data on the weather situation. To be able to make a concrete weather forecast and to collect and analyze the data over a large area, many different weather radar stations are required at various locations. These weather stations are linked to each other and transmit the collected data to a central computer. This central computer is responsible for processing all the collected data and using it to create a picture of the general weather situation.

One radar and various terminologies

The most well-known type of weather radar is probably the rain radar. This type of weather radar collects its data by sending radar beams into the clouds, which are then reflected to the radar station by the water molecules. This can create an accurate picture of where exactly rain clouds are located. A thunderstorm radar and a regular cloud radar operate in the same way. 

Incidentally, the mechanism of a weather station is also similar. With the recipient (the weather radar) located outside in your garden or on your balcony, the weather data is collected, transmitted to the base station, and processed. On this base station, the different weather data is presented to you. A weather station is basically a weather radar live in miniature.

Did you know…

…that the first weather radar was already built in the early 1940s? However, this type of weather radar could not accurately predict the intensity of the rain or the strength of the thunderstorm or storm. Only the use of new types of radar technologies, such as the Doppler radar, made this possible.

What does a radar station look like?

The radar itself resembles a very large satellite dish in terms of its structure. This “satellite dish” is surrounded by a so-called radome (spherical protection). In almost all cases, the weather radar and radome are located on a tower to ensure that the radar waves can be transmitted unhindered into the air.

Another special form is the radar used by airliners. It is located in the aircraft’s nose and is therefore called nose radar. It has the task of always informing the pilots about the weather situation so that alternative routes can be taken in the event of a storm.

Advantages of the weather radar live

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Let us have a closer look at the advantages that the radar offers. First, its use is completely free of charge for you. Besides, you do not need to install any programs to use it. Nevertheless, you can use the weather radar map on your cell phone as well as on your tablet or PC. Another benefit is that the radar image is updated within extremely short time intervals, providing you with a real-time overview of the weather.

No radar available for your region?

Our weather radar map is continuously updated with new areas and regions. If your city or region is not yet included: Do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our utmost to offer a suitable radar for your city or region as soon as possible. Our service is completely free of charge, but we would appreciate your support. 

We hope that you like our offering and that you get along well with the operation. If you have any questions, requests, or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.