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Webcam La Clusaz

La Clusaz stands at the crossroads of Europe. It is a charming mountain village with traditional architecture still retaining its beauty. La Clusaz is a typical yet friendly mountain village in the Alps. From Geneva (1 hour), it’s easily accessible and only a short drive from Calais. It’s an international ski resort that offers a diverse range of terrain. The village’s center has been improved so that pedestrians can more easily access it. 

As part of the first ‘natural barrier’ to the Alps, the Aravis massif in La Clusaz provides some of the best snow conditions in France. Using our live webcam you can check the current weather for La Clusaz. Besides, you can view the snow conditions and other things related to weather and help you decide if it is suitable to plan a trip here or not.

🔴 Webcam La Clusaz – South

La Clusaz › Süd

🔴 Webcam La Clusaz – Centre Village

La Clusaz: Panoramic Centre village

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La Clusaz

Weather radar La Clusaz The weather in La Clusaz

Get the live updates and weather forecast of the La Clusaz here. Weather Radar Live provides snowboarders, skiers, and other people a clear view of snowfall events, thunderstorms, cloud cover, rainfall, and tornadoes. It is pretty easy to navigate the map to view weather conditions. Just click a webcam view and scroll the bar to see the La Clusaz weather changes at different times.


The climate in La Clusaz

The Clusaz lies on the North-Western tip of the Alps, so its weather is mostly affected by the Atlantic Ocean. Consequently, it receives a lot of snow at altitude but is also at a higher risk of rain lower down. La Clusaz has a temperate and cold climate and it has significant rainfall even in the driest months. 


Temperatures in La Clusaz usually reach 4.9 °C or 40.8 °F.


The average annual rainfall is 1734 millimeters.

Snow Reliability 

While La Clusaz has extensive snowmaking, lower slopes can experience deterioration in milder weather. It is normally best to ski in the higher and northerly La Balme sector of the ski area until the end of April.

Have a look at the snow reliability rating at La Clusaz:

● General snow cover: 3/5

● Resort level snow: 2/5

● Snow quality at upper slope: 3.5/5

● Snow quality at lower slope: 2/5

● Powder potential: 3/5

La Clusaz Ski resort

As one of the most famous regions in the Alps, Val d’Isère ski resort has the highest snow quality in the Alps. It has a high proportion of high-altitude skiing slopes. The combination of glaciers and a variety of snow-sure slopes make this region of Europe a unique destination for a long ski season. With 1850 meters of resort height, it is the largest snow-sure resort in Europe. Its slopes are 1785-3300 m and pistes are 150km. Many of the runs in Val d’Isère are quite steep and can get quite crowded when there is a lot of traffic. You can spend a lifetime skiing & snowboarding on the vast & challenging terrain; you simply have to push through the crowds.