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Webcam Sierra Nevada

The Sierra Nevada is located in the south of Spain within the region of Andalusia. Part of the Betic Cordillera, it is the highest mountain range in the Iberian Peninsula. The mountains got their name (Spanish for “snow-covered mountains”) due to the surprising coverage of the mountains with snow between the months of November and May for Spain. This fascinating sight can be seen at its best in our Sierra Nevada webcam. Starting from the highest peaks with a height of up to 3482 meters, some steep slopes reach all the way to the Mediterranean coast and right to the sea. The meltwater supplies many surrounding towns, so the mountain range also provides a benefit to the population in addition to being a geographical attraction.

Within the national park of the same name, visitor numbers have been increasing since its opening and have reached levels of over 700,000 visitors. As a tourist attraction, the rural area stands out for its scenic charm, which our webcam depicts very well. Another main source of income for the local population is agriculture, which in the region specializes in the cultivation of wine and almonds and livestock breeding with sheep and goats. Finally, it is worth mentioning here the ham of the Pata Negra, which are kept semi-wild in the region.

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Weather radar Sierra Nevada – Weather in Sierra Nevada

Our webcam Sierra Nevada always offers you an optimal view of the current weather events. This allows you to prepare for the day in the best possible way, whether you are planning a hike, skiing or any other excursion. Apart from the live images, our weather radar provides an overview of the forecast and upcoming sunshine or rarer precipitation. Watch directly if more snow is just accumulating at the peaks or sunny hours promise an optimal distant view.


The climate in Sierra Nevada

Due to Sierra Nevada’s mountainous location in the subtropics, it is difficult to determine a uniform climate because temperatures vary greatly with altitude. The higher you get into the mountains, the cooler the climate becomes. For example, Pradollano has minimal temperatures below zero degrees Celsius during the months of November through April, which is what creates the snow. Then, in the summer, temperatures climb up to 25 degrees Celsius with nights that continue to be cool. During this period, one can benefit from up to 15 hours of sunshine, resulting in precipitation of about 25 millimeters. This value increases up to 100 millimeters during the winter months.

Attractions in the Sierra Nevada

The Sierra Nevada is known for its snow-covered peaks, making it a great attraction for skiing and snowshoeing. But also in the sunnier months of spring or summer, trekking tours through the mountainous regions are an excellent option, which can be complemented by visits to the famous white villages. If there is no attraction left in the mountains, there are also excursions to the larger cities of Granada and Almeria.