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Webcam Peñiscola

The Spanish coastal town of Peñiscola with its 8,000 inhabitants is located in the province of Castellón in the north of Valencia. The old town of the village is picturesquely enthroned on a 64 meter high rock in the sea, on the top of which is an old castle. This was built between 1294 and 1307 by the Order of the Knights Templar. Let yourself be impressed by the unique charm of the historic old town with our webcam Peñiscola and go on an exciting discovery tour through the narrow streets of the city.

Below the castle, high white houses nestle around the rock, forming the historic center of Peñiscola and enclosed by a thick city wall. Contrasting with this are the avenues and newly built streets of the tourist district.

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Peniscola: Peniscola Castle

Weather radar Peñiscola – The weather in Peñiscola

Keep up with the real-time weather in this coastal town with our Peñiscola webcam. For more important information about the weather in Peñiscola, check out our weather radar. This not only contains the current weather forecast of the city, but also informs you about the precipitation areas. Depending on the intensity, the precipitation areas are marked in different colors. Blue and green areas represent precipitation areas with low amounts of precipitation. Purple and red areas, on the other hand, indicate heavy precipitation with severe weather potential. In addition, thunderstorms are also shown to you with small lightning symbols in the weather radar. So with our webcam and weather radar you will always know about the current weather conditions in Peñiscola.


The climate in Peñiscola

The climate in the Spanish town of Peñiscola is determined by the Mediterranean climate. The average annual temperature here is a mild 20 °C, with hot and dry summers and mild winters. The highest temperatures average 28 °C in July and drop to an average 13 °C in January in winter. In general, Peñiscola is very sunny and dry, with about 300 days of sunshine, resulting in an average annual precipitation of 219 mm.

Attractions in Peñiscola

Go on an exciting discovery tour through the historic old town of Peñiscola. Here, in addition to the Santa Maria parish church and the Virgen de la Ermitana chapel, numerous restaurants and souvenir stores await you in the narrow streets. For relaxation in between, the long sandy beaches around the city provide you with a refreshing dip in the Mediterranean Sea. A change of scenery from the densely built coastal city can be found south of Peñiscola in the Sierra de Irta Nature Park. This is one of the few stretches of coastline in the area that is still unspoiled. Also recommended is the mountainous hinterland of El Maestrat, which awaits you with beautiful nature and small villages in a rural atmosphere.