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Webcam La Palma

With our webcam La Palma you are always reliably informed about the weather conditions on the popular Canary Island. Geologically La Palma is one of the youngest islands of the Canary Islands. It has an area of 708.32 km² and about 84 000 inhabitants. It is 417 kilometers to the Moroccan coast and 1371 kilometers to the Spanish mainland. Tenerife is 86.2 kilometers away from La Palma. Tourists appreciate the island because it has not yet been taken over by mass tourism and sustainable tourism is promoted instead.

In 2021, the Cumbre Vieja volcano was the talk of the town for several months. Accompanied by intensifying earthquakes, the eruption began on September 19 at 15:12 local time. Ash, smoke and lava erupted from six vents and devastated large parts of the island. The volcanic eruption even increased the area of the island.

🔴 Webcam La Palma – El Paso

Paso de Abajo ‘ West: El Paso

🔴 Webcam La Palma – Tazacorte

Tazacorte: Puerto

🔴 Webcam La Palma – Puerto Naos beach promenade

Los Llanos de Aridane: Beach promenade Puerto Naos

🔴 Webcam La Palma – Brena Alta

Brena Alta

🔴 Webcam La Palma – El Pueblo

Robledo del Mazo ‘ North-East: Santa Cruz de La Palma

🔴 Webcam La Palma – National Park

Garafia ‘ South-East: Caldera de Taburiente National Park

🔴 Webcam La Palma – Telescope North

Garafia ‘ North: Nordic Optical Telescope

🔴 Webcam La Palma – Gran Telescopio Canarias

Garafia ‘ North-West: Gran Telescopio Canarias

Weather Radar La Palma – The weather on La Palma

Live images and detailed maps, together with the webcam on La Palma, allow you to get a detailed overview of the weather conditions on the island. You can read exactly where and in which intensity precipitation is falling, whether a thunderstorm is approaching or it is storming at the coast. The easy to understand color scale shows blue and green areas as areas with low precipitation and red and purple areas as areas with high precipitation. Overall, however, you can expect sunny weather all year round on La Palma.


The climate on La Palma

The climate on La Palma is mild all year round. In summer, temperatures rise on average up to 26 °C and even in winter it is rarely colder than 20 °C. Ideal for swimming is September, when the sea temperatures are at a pleasant 23 ° C. Precipitation falls mainly in the northeast of La Palma. The west of La Palma is drier and sunnier. La Palma also differs from the rest of the Canary Islands in its green appearance. At the same time, there are no extreme temperatures, because the Canary Current, as a rather cold sea current, provides constant cooling. Hot Saharan winds, however, cause temperatures of over 40 °C for short periods. Last but not least, the increasing altitude in the center of the island provides a moderating effect.

Attractions on La Palma

La Palma is a true hiker’s paradise. Highlights include the Caldera de Taburiente, a huge volcanic crater that looks like a hole in the middle of the island. Also, don’t miss a hike along the bright rock cliffs of the Barranco de las Angustias. The Cascada de Colores also plunges into the depths over bright rock cliffs and can be heard from afar. As the highest mountain on La Palma, the Roque de los Muchachos rises 2 426 meters into the sky. Between 2 350 and 2 400 meters high is the observatory here, next to the Teide Observatory on Tenerife the second in the Canary Islands.