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Webcam Tonale

Tonale, also known as Tonale Pass, is an alpine pass in Italy. At an altitude of 1,882 meters, Tonale connects Lombardy with Trentino-South Tyrol. As the crow flies, the pass is just 100 kilometers from St. Moritz in Switzerland. Since the Middle Ages, the Tonale Pass has been one of the most important routes for commercial travelers to Italy. The connection is also of great importance for local tourism. Around the Tonale you have the chance to enjoy the fantastic scenery in summer and winter. Especially in winter the region enjoys great popularity. Thanks to our webcam Tonale you can take a look at the pass yourself.

Among other things, an Italian war memorial from 1936, a church and an inn await you along the 21-kilometer route. This makes a stop worthwhile for visitors of all kinds. The Tonale Pass is crossed by the Strada Statale 42, a state road that is nice to drive on even with a caravan. Do you want to see pictures in real time of the Alpine pass? We make it possible with our webcam Tonale.

Weather radar Tonale – The weather in Tonale

Relaxed we bring the current weather situation at the Tonale Pass to your home. But for all important information about the weather in real time, not only the webcam is at your disposal. The weather radar also gives you information about how the conditions are on site. Among other things, the radar shows you the precipitation in color. Blue and green markings indicate a small amount of rain or snow. If the areas are colored red or purple, there is heavy precipitation. A thunderstorm is indicated by a small lightning bolt.


The climate in Tonale

Tonale Pass belongs to the mid-latitude climate zone. Therefore, the climate along the alpine stretch is continental. With an average of 29° Celsius, July is the warmest month. Also in June, August and September the temperatures are usually beyond 25° Celsius. The coldest month is January. The thermometer can fall below 0° Celsius here. In the middle of the year, from May to August, there are the most rainy days. It can rain up to 10 days a month.

Attractions in Tonale

Tonale is a beautiful connecting route from Bolzano over the Mendola Pass to the Gavia Pass. Around the alpine pass awaits a large ski area with 46 kilometers of slopes. Therefore, the region around the Tonale Pass is a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts. You can ski here almost all year round. But the Tonale is also a great starting point for mountain tours and hikes. Crossing the alpine pass by bike is also a highlight for passionate bikers.