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Webcam Sestriere

Close to the border with France, in the Italian region of Piedmont, is the small municipality of Sestriere. The village, known as a winter sports resort, has just 922 inhabitants. The area of the municipality is 25.92 square kilometers. Just 60 years ago, the village was lonely at the top of a pass. Today, however, Sestriere is a world-famous ski resort, where celebrities from all over the world come every year to stay in two exclusive hotel towers. To have a look at the winter sports resort from home, use our webcam Sestriere now.

The town lies at an altitude of 2,035 meters and is located about 100 kilometers west of Turin. In the past, Sestriere has often been the venue of sports events. in 1997, athletes came to the resort for the World Ski Championships, and in 2006 for the Olympic Games. As part of the Via Lattea (Milky Way) ski area network, there are almost 400 kilometers of slopes around Sestriere. Therefore, the small town near the French border is a popular destination in winter.

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Sestriere: Trebials – TO

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Sestriere ‘ South: Skiing School Sestriere

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Sestriere: Fraiteve – TO

Weather Radar Sestriere – The weather in Sestriere

We are happy to show you the weather conditions in the ski area. The radar transmits you in real time the weather on the spot. So you can see at any time if it is raining, snowing or if the sun is shining. Simply click on the radar view and search for the desired areas. If the radar shows a blue or green mark, expect Sestriere low precipitation. Yellow and orange areas indicate moderate intensity. If red and purple, expect heavy precipitation. A small flash in the weather radar means thunderstorms. Furthermore, you can see a weather forecast for the coming days.


The climate in Sestriere

The winter resort is located in the northern hemisphere and has ocean climate. Therefore, the weather is temperate and cooler in most months. With an average of 18° Celsius, July and August are at the top of the warmest months. December to March, on the other hand, is the coldest. Temperatures here drop to -2° Celsius on average. The most precipitation can be expected in July. Up to 20 rainy days are measured here. There is less precipitation in February. Just under 9 rainy days are experienced by locals and tourists. However, from November to May it can snow on more than ten days per month.

Attractions in Sestriere

For winter sports fans, the Milky Way is the absolute highlight in Sestriere. Even people with handicaps can easily reach most of the 400 kilometers of slopes. Whether skiing, snowboarding or cross-country skiing – the small town near Turin is a Mecca for every winter sports enthusiast. In Sestriere you can even take to the slopes at night. The mountain pass Colle Sestriere is a popular place for cyclists in summer. Extensive tours over hills and through forests will make you want to go further. Turn on our webcam Sestriere and enjoy the live pictures from Italy.