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Webcam Pescasseroli

In the heart of Abruzzo, at the foot of a rocky promontory of the Alta Valle del Sangro, lies the small Italian town of Pescasseroli with its 2,126 inhabitants. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and huge fir, pine, beech, maple and oak forests, the town is one of the most impressive mountain areas in Italy. Be fascinated by this breathtaking scenery with our webcam Pescasseroli and get the unique mountain panorama of the small town to your home with the real-time images.

Besides the wild scenic beauty and the extraordinary variety of animals and plants, Pescasseroli convinces with its historic town center. The characteristic stone buildings fit well into the landscape and create a harmonious picture.

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Pescasseroli ‘ North-East

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Weather radar Pescasseroli – The weather in Pescasseroli

With our webcam Pescasseroli you are informed in real-time about the weather in the Italian town. In addition, with our weather radar, we offer you more important information about the current weather conditions in Pescasseroli. In addition to the current weather forecast, the weather radar also shows you the precipitation areas, which are marked in different colors depending on their intensity. Blue and green highlighted areas indicate low precipitation levels, whereas purple and red areas represent heavy precipitation with severe weather potential. In addition, our weather radar shows you all thunderstorms with small lightning symbols. So you are always well informed about the current weather conditions in Pescasseroli.


The climate in Pescasseroli

Pescasseroli is characterized by the Mediterranean climate and has an average annual temperature of 16 °C. Summers are very warm and dry, with August being the warmest with an average of 27 °C. The winter months, on the other hand, are cold, with temperatures dropping to an average of 6 °C in January. Throughout the year it is dry on 150 days and precipitation totals 618 mm.

Attractions in Pescasseroli

Pescasseroli is an important center of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, located in the mountains of south-central Italy, with a wide range of sports and leisure activities and excellent tourist accommodations throughout the year. In summer, numerous mountain bike trails and hiking opportunities await you here. Dare to climb the peaks of the surrounding mountains or enjoy the unspoiled landscape as well as the breathtaking mountain panorama during a leisurely walk through the valley basin. You can also enjoy a magnificent view of the valley basin and the surrounding mountains from the Castel Macino fortress, which is located on a hill above the town. Other attractions include the small zoo and the Museum of Folklore and Natural History, located in Pescasseroli. But Pescasseroli has a lot to offer not only in summer, but also in winter. Because thanks to the altitude, numerous cross-country ski trails await you here during the winter months, as well as over 20 km of slopes, where there is a suitable downhill run for every level.