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Webcam Livigno

The Italian town of Livigno with its approximately 6700 inhabitants is located in the province of Sondrio in the middle of Lombardy. At an altitude of 1816 meters, the town is surrounded by a breathtaking mountain panorama of the Livigno Alps. Discover the town with our webcam Livigno and get the alpine atmosphere in real time to your home.

However, Livigno with its fantastic mountain landscape not only has something to offer sports enthusiasts all year round. Shopping enthusiasts can also buy perfume, tobacco products, alcohol and fuels here to their heart’s content – and duty-free.

🔴 Webcam Livigno – Mottolino

Luwin: Mottolino

🔴 Webcam Livigno – Slope

Luwin: Piste

🔴 Webcam Livigno – Center


🔴 Webcam Livigno – City


🔴 Webcam Livigno North

Luwin: WEBCAM – north

🔴 Webcam Livigno – West


🔴 Webcam Livigno – Carosello 3000

Luwin: Carosello 3000 – Polvere – Park

🔴 Webcam Livigno – South

Luwin ‘ South: Livigno Italy

Weather radar Livigno – Weather in Livigno

Find out the current weather conditions in Livigno with our webcam Livigno in real-time. In order to provide you with more useful information about the weather in Livigno, we also offer a weather radar. This not only contains the current weather forecast of the city, but also shows you all precipitation areas with their intensity. Areas highlighted in blue and green indicate precipitation areas with low amounts of precipitation. Areas highlighted in purple and red, on the other hand, stand for heavy precipitation with a possible severe weather potential. Thunderstorms are also shown with small lightning symbols in the weather radar. So with our weather radar and webcams you get all important information about the current weather conditions in Livigno.


The climate in Livigno

Abetone is characterized by a warm and temperate climate. The average annual temperature is 9.6 °C, with July being the warmest month with a Livigno is characterized by the tundra climate, so it is rather cold but comparatively dry throughout the year. The average annual temperature here is 3 °C. July is the warmest month with its average 14 °C, whereas January is the coldest month with about -6 °. Precipitation is rather low in Livigno, so it is dry 117 days a year and the annual precipitation is 807 mm.

Attractions in Livigno

Livigno welcomes sports enthusiasts all year round. In winter, an enchanting winter scenery with snow-covered valleys and untouched nature awaits you, which you can discover during an exuberant snowshoe hike or during a cross-country ski tour. If you prefer it a bit faster, you can ski or snowboard down the Alps. Here, 33 state-of-the-art lifts await you, connecting the varied slopes with a total length of 115 km. In summer, the Alps await you with numerous hiking trails that open up an incredible mountain panorama not only for hikers but also for mountain bikers. High up you can go paragliding or sport climbing, for which the region is also known. Another experience is shopping in the city. Because as a customs exclusion area within the European Union, you can shop in Livigno VAT-free. For the right refreshment after or during the shopping spree, the numerous restaurants of the city provide you with tasty specialties of the typical cuisine of the country.