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Webcam Jesolo

Jesolo is not only a wonderful seaside resort on the Adriatic Sea, but also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy. Annually, about 5.6 million people follow the call of the city to relax along the 13-kilometer-long golden beach. Yet the seaside resort has just 26,000 inhabitants. Venice is located very close to Jesolo. The metropolitan city is about 16 kilometers away. You want to get the Italian feeling of life at home? Our webcam Jesolo is perfect for that.

Lido di Jesolo is probably one of the most famous municipal areas. It is located directly on the beach and is a popular meeting place for young and old. Already for more than 15 years the beach has been awarded for its clean water. In addition to sun, beach and sea, Jesolo scores with a worth seeing and inviting city center. Many beautiful cafes, but also the pedestrian zone invite you to linger here. Culinary you can also expect a great offer. Typical for the local cuisine are the fresh and delicate fish dishes.

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Jesolo weather radar – Weather in Jesolo

With our webcam Jesolo you can stay up to date on the weather situation at any time. You can relax in front of the screen and take a look at the seaside resort on the Adriatic Sea. The weather radar provides you with relevant data on precipitation. This makes it easy to see where the sun is shining or rain is falling in Jesolo. The precipitation areas are color-coded. Green and blue areas mean hardly any precipitation. Moderate rain falls at yellow and orange markings. If the radar shows red and purple areas, the amount of precipitation is high. A lightning symbol indicates thunderstorms and lightning.


The climate in Jesolo

Due to its location on the Adriatic Sea, the climate in Jesolo is Mediterranean and moderately warm. Summers are hot with a lot of precipitation. From May to September the weather is pleasant and mild with average temperatures above 20° Celsius. The warmest month is usually July with up to 29° Celsius. The water temperature is also beyond 25° Celsius during this period. January and February are the coldest. The average temperature here drops to 8° Celsius. During the summer there is more precipitation. It can rain up to 10 days a month. In total there are about 3,150 hours of sunshine a year.

Attractions in Jesolo

Visitors of all kinds find great pleasure in Jesolo. The golden beach is a great place to visit when the sun is shining. But even when it’s raining, the little town has plenty to offer. The Sea Life Aquarium and the Tropicarium Park enchant with exotic inhabitants. During your tour of the leisure facilities, you will see a shark or a starfish, among other things. The antique market is also worth a visit. One or the other souvenir for home can be purchased here at a reasonable price.