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Webcam Courmayeur

At the foot of the massive and mighty Mont Blanc, at an altitude of 1,224 meters, lies the small village of Courmayeur. About ten kilometers southeast of the mountain massif, the village awaits with a scenic dreamlike environment. Green forests and shimmering glaciers, but also extensive mountain peaks and beautiful hiking trails characterize the village in the autonomous region of Aosta Valley. The webcam Courmayeur operated by us provides you with a fantastic impression of the picturesque village at the foot of Mont Blanc. Enjoy the images in real time and follow the life in the Italian Alps.

Courmayeur is a paradise especially for alpinists. The small town is considered a famous meeting place for skiers from all over the world. Already in the 18th and 19th centuries, countless tourists followed the winter call of the mountain massif. This makes Courmayeur one of the oldest and most traditional winter sports resorts in the Alps. The village has an area of just 210 square kilometers and just under 2,700 inhabitants. Due to its location on the highest mountain in the Alps, the town is one of the most important tourist destinations in the Aosta Valley.

🔴 Webcam Courmayeur – Monte Bianco

Courmayeur: Valle d’Aosta – Monte Bianco

🔴 Webcam Courmayeur – Pointe Helbronner

Courmayeur: Pointe Helbronner

🔴 Webcam Courmayeur – Pointe Helbronner

Courmayeur: Punta Helbronner

🔴 Webcam Courmayeur – Chamonix bikable gondola

Courmayeur: Chamonix bicable gondola

🔴 Webcam Courmayeur – Plan Chécrouit

Courmayeur: Plan Chécrouit

🔴 Webcam Courmayeur – Checrouit

Courmayeur: Checrouit

🔴 Webcam Courmayeur – Ski resort

Courmayeur: comprensorio di sci, pista Internazionale

🔴 Webcam Courmayeur – Valle d’Aosta

Courmayeur ‘ North: Valle d’Aosta

🔴 Webcam Courmayeur – Pra Neyron

Courmayeur: Pra Neyron

🔴 Webcam Courmayeur – Youla

Courmayeur: Youla

Weather radar Courmayeur – The weather in Courmayeur

Our webcam Courmayeur transmits the weather conditions on site, so you are well informed at any time. Our radar shows you the precipitation and weather forecast. So you can easily see if it is raining, storming or snowing in the Italian Alps right now. The intensity of precipitation is predictable by color. With blue and green areas, a light rain or snow is expected. A high amount of precipitation, on the other hand, is indicated by red and purple markings. Furthermore, a small lightning appears when there is a thunderstorm with lightning strikes in Courmayeur at the moment.


The climate in Courmayeur

The climate in Courmayeur is called tundra climate. This means that temperatures are low all year round. Even in the warmest month, August, it averages only 16° Celsius. From December to March it is the coldest. During this period, the temperature always stays below 0° Celsius on average. In January, the temperature can even drop to -10° Celsius. The cold weather is reflected in the snow days. In January and February, it usually snows on at least 15 days. June has the least precipitation. Here precipitation occurs on 7 days a month.

Attractions in Courmayeur

Summer and winter Courmayeur is a mecca for alpinists. Especially the cold season is very popular with tourists. Skiers will find great happiness with the winter sports area Courmayeur Mont Blanc Funivie. There is a suitable slope for every level here. The ride up to lofty heights on the Monte Bianco Skyway cable car is also fascinating. In summer, the Val Veny valley with several mountain lakes lures you out into the enchanting nature. Hiking and biking become an unforgettable experience here. With our webcam Courmayeur you can enjoy the fantastic surroundings at home.