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Webcam Cerreto Laghi


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Webcam Cerreto Laghi

The webcam Cerreto Laghi gives you the opportunity to observe at any time the breathtaking ski resort in the Italian province of Reggio Emilia. The winter sports area, which is located at an altitude of 1,350 to 1,831 meters above sea level, is equipped with a total of five ski lifts, chairlifts and surface lifts. A total of 9.2 kilometers of slopes are available for skiing and snowboarding. Via the Cerreto Laghi webcam, you can watch the winter sports enthusiasts in the flurry of snow and get inspiration for your own skiing vacation.

Located in northern Italy, the province of Reggio Emilia, whose capital is Reggio nell’Emilia, is enclosed by the Po River to the north and the crest of a mountain range, the Apennines, to the south. Reggio Emilia borders Parma to the east and Modena to the west. In Reggio Emilia there are various ski resorts, as well as Cerreto Laghi, which is hard to beat for beauty. The months when there is always snow in Cerreto Laghi are November to March. In the other months, sunny alpine pastures and breathtaking rock massifs await you. Cerreto Laghi has a total of 10 ski runs. Of these, 10 percent each are green and blue runs, 50 percent red and 30 percent black. The longest run is seven kilometers and the total skiable area is 15 kilometers. Furthermore, over four kilometers of ski canons are installed.

🔴 Webcam Cerreto Laghi – Cerretano Lake

Ventasso: Cerreto Laghi

🔴 Webcam Cerreto Laghi – Monte La Nuda

Ventasso: Passo del Cerreto – monte La Nuda

🔴 Webcam Cerreto Laghi – Center

Ventasso: Cerreto Laghi Centro – 1.350 mslm

Weather radar Cerreto Laghi – The weather in Cerreto Laghi

Our webcam Cerreto Laghi gives you an impression of the weather conditions in the ski resort. You can see in real time if it is raining, snowing or if the sun is shining. But we offer you even more with our weather radar. The weather radar gives you a view of the precipitation as well as the weather forecast and wind conditions around Cerreto Laghi. Depending on the color you can see the intensity of precipitation. Green and blue are an indication of little precipitation – red and purple indicate a high amount of precipitation.


The climate in Cerreto Laghi

Temperatures in the Cerreto Laghi ski resort range from -4 to 2 °C in January and from 12 to 21 °C in July/August. The prevailing wind speeds in Cerreto Laghi, despite the altitude, are minimal and normally do not exceed 19 km/h. Due to its exposed position, the wind blows exclusively from the northeast and southwest directions. Sunny days and precipitation days (snow) balance each other out during the ski season.

Attractions in Cerreto Laghi

Of course, Cerreto Laghi is predestined for skiing vacations and is primarily geared towards them. If you visit the region during the summer months, you should pay a visit to the Percorso arancio. The trail is perfect for mountain biking and has both easy and difficult routes on offer. You can also enjoy the romantic Lago Calamone, a lake you won’t forget. Or maybe you want to let off steam in a climbing park? Also for this you will find the perfect location near Cerreto Laghi. The Parco Avventura Cerwood is a fabulous high ropes course that delights young and old alike.