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Webcam Caorle

The small town of Caorle in the metropolitan city of Venice is one of the largest municipalities in northern Italy and offers a beautiful beach feeling with its good location at the mouth of the Livenza River into the Adriatic Sea. Our webcam Caorle offers you an excellent overview of the weather in the city known as Little Venice. This naming results from the many small streets with houses painted in Venetian colors and the many bell towers. With our live pictures you will directly get an optimal insight into the Italian charm of the city with beautiful city beach and can hardly wait for your next trip there.

The city of Caorle is divided into three parts – the city center, the east beach and the west beach. All parts lead back to the more than 2000 years old history of the town, which was founded as a foreshore of fishermen and shepherds. Besides tourism, fishing plays an important role in the town and is present during a visit to the local beach with the blue flag. On this fine sandy beach it is optimal to relax and our webcam Caorle offers an optimal view of possible thunderstorms that can disturb the swimming fun.

🔴 Webcam Caorle – Ponente west beach

Caorle: Ponente west beach from hotel Marco Polo

🔴 Webcam Caorle – Spiaggia di Ponente

Caorle: Spiaggia di Ponente

🔴 Webcam Caorle – Old Town

Caorle: the Old Town – Hostedy by – Hotels

🔴 Webcam Caorle – Levante beach

Caorle: Levante beach – from hotel Stellamare

🔴 Webcam Caorle – Levante beach – Hotel Alexander

Caorle: PTZ – Levante beach – Hotel Alexander

🔴 Webcam Caorle – Caorle Lungomare

Caorle: Caorle Lungomare – Caorle spiaggia

🔴 Webcam Caorle – Port entry

Caorle: Ponente beach near nza channel – Port entry

🔴 Webcam Caorle – Porto Santa Margherita

Caorle ‘ South-East: Porto Santa Margherita – Caorle Beach

Weather radar Caorle – Weather in Caorle

With the help of our webcam Caorle you have a good view of the current weather in Caorle. Thus, it is always clear whether the popular Italian sunshine or a thunderstorm is to be expected when visiting the city. Especially with our live weather radar you can follow the development on site in real time and you will not be surprised by unforeseen thunderstorms. In addition, the conditions at the beach can be optimally tracked to see whether a relaxing day of swimming is possible or whether there are rather good waves for surfers.


The climate in Caorle

With its location in the north of Italy, Caorle is in the upper range of the temperate climate. Therefore, in the summer months from May to September, temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius can be expected almost every day. At the same time, except for occasional thunderstorms, almost no raindrops fall and the climate is generally very sunny. In winter, however, precipitation increases minimally and temperatures can drop below zero degrees Celsius.

Attractions in Caorle

In addition to the extensive city beaches, the old town of Caorle is a major attraction. In addition to its Venetian charm, particular attractions include the 11th-century cathedral, the cylindrical bell tower dating back to 1100, and the church of Madonna dell’Angelo on the eastern beach. If, however, an excursion is planned, the nearby wine-growing areas, the seaside resorts of Biblone and Eraclea, and also Venice, 60 kilometers away, are ideal.