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Webcam Canazei

Canazei is an Italian municipality in the upper Val di Fassa. Surrounded by fantastic Dolomite peaks, the village invites you to an unforgettable stay all year round. In the municipality of 1,900 inhabitants, Ladin is predominantly spoken. The inhabitants set a sign that they hold on to old traditions and customs. With our webcam Canazei you can keep an eye on what’s happening on site at all times.

In summer and winter, the Italian municipality in the province of Trento is a popular destination. While in summer the bicycle is a faithful companion, in winter you can’t do without skis. Due to its location in the Dolomites, the place is often called a pearl for passionate skiers. Canazei offers a suitable slope for every level. Celebrations are also possible. For example, the “Te anter i Tobié” is a popular event where original customs are demonstrated. The webcam Canazei ensures that you can get the impressions on the spot every day at home.

🔴 Webcam Canazei – West

Canazei ‘ West

🔴 Webcam Canazei – Colac

Kanzenei: Colac

🔴 Webcam Canazei – Rifugio Contrin

Kanzenei: Rifugio Contrin

🔴 Webcam Canazei – Center


Weather radar Canazei – The weather in Canazei

Whenever you want, take a look at the weather situation in Canazei with the webcam. In real time you can experience the Italian municipality and its weather. In addition to the webcam, we also offer you a radar. The weather radar transmits you all relevant data about precipitation and thunderstorms. The color marking determines the amount and intensity of precipitation. Red and purple colored areas stand for areas with heavy precipitation. Blue and green, on the other hand, mean little to hardly any rain or snow. If the radar shows a lightning symbol, a thunderstorm is to be expected. Furthermore, you can expect a weather forecast for the coming days.


The climate in Canazei

The weather in Canazei is mild and pleasant in summer, cold and quite snowy in winter. The period from June to August has the highest average temperature of almost 20° Celsius. It can rain up to 17 days. From December to February it is the coldest. Temperatures here reach just 0° Celsius on average. However, the temperature can also drop to -9° Celsius. In these months there are almost 10 days with snowfall. You can expect the most hours of sunshine in June, July and August. The sun shines up to 12 hours per day.

Attractions in Canazei

Fairytale landscapes offers great opportunities for outdoor activities all year round. A walk along the torrent is as beautiful in summer as a high-altitude hike. The Dòlaondes aquatic center with swimming pool and slide also brings fun and cooling. In winter, skiing dominates. Especially the two ski resorts Alba Ciampac and Canazei Belvedere are perfect for active hours in the snow.