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Webcam Abetone

The manageable 700-inhabitant village of Abetone is located on the northern border of Tuscany. But the town has much more to offer than just sun, beach and sea. For Abetone has a large winter sports area, which welcomes its visitors with numerous cross-country ski trails and lifts. Get a first impression of the versatile town with the webcam Abetone and let yourself be inspired by the versatile sports possibilities.

Discover the largest ski resort in central Italy, located in the heart of Montagna Pistoiese, a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts and active vacationers. Amidst great scenery and numerous natural parks, here you will experience a breathtaking mountain panorama that invites you to relax and do sports both in winter and in summer.

🔴 Webcam Abetone – North-East

Abetone Cutigliano ‘ North-East

🔴 Webcam Abetone – Via Val di Luce

Abetone Cutigliano: Via Val di Luce – Abetone

🔴 Webcam Abetone – Via Val di Luce (North)

Abetone Cutigliano ‘ North: Via Val di Luce

🔴 Webcam Abetone – Via Val di Luce (South)

Abetone Cutigliano ‘ South: Via Val di Luce

🔴 Webcam Abetone – Via Val di Luce (South-East)

Abetone Cutigliano ‘ South-East: Monte Gomito – Via Val di Luce

🔴 Webcam Abetone – (North-East)

Abetone Cutigliano ‘ North-East

🔴 Webcam Abetone – Passo di Annibale

Abetone Cutigliano ‘ South: Passo di Annibale

🔴 Webcam Abetone – Val di Luce (Piazza Centrale)

Weather radar Abetone – The weather in Abetone

With our webcam Abetone you can keep up with the current weather conditions in the city in real-time. In addition, we offer you a weather radar to keep you informed about the current weather forecast as well as the precipitation areas. Depending on the intensity of precipitation, these are marked in a different color on the map. Blue and green areas indicate low precipitation levels. Purple and red areas, on the other hand, stand for heavy precipitation with possible severe weather potential. In addition, thunderstorms are indicated by small lightning symbols in the weather radar. Thanks to this comprehensive background information from our webcam and weather radar, you are always well informed about the current weather conditions in Abetone.


The climate in Abetone

Abetone is characterized by a warm and temperate climate. The average annual temperature is 9.6 °C, with July being the warmest month with an average temperature of 18.9 °C. The coldest month is January, with temperatures that average 1.1 °C. In general, the city has a lot of precipitation, so that there is an annual average of about 1318 mm of precipitation. November is the month with the most precipitation, with an average of 153 mm, and August is the month with the least precipitation, with about 81 mm.

Attractions in Abetone

Over the last century, Abetone’s popularity as a winter and summer sports destination has grown significantly. In winter, a large ski area awaits you here, with about 30 slopes that have a total length of 50 km. The historically famous slopes such as Selletta, Riva and Fivizzani are also included in the Abetone ski area. But the town is not only worth a visit during the winter months. Thanks to its altitude of around 1,400 meters, temperatures are pleasantly mild in the summer months, when active holidaymakers can enjoy the fresh mountain air and the fantastic mountain panorama on an extensive hike. So you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view on a climb to Monte Cimone, Monte Gomito or Libro Aperto. In addition, mountain bikers and cyclists will get their money’s worth during an exuberant bike ride through the fascinating landscape of northern Tuscany. A successful end to a day full of sports can be found in the countless restaurants of the city, which will spoil you with typical local specialties.