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Webcam Semnoz

Semnoz, the most famous mountain of the Bauges range, is located in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Semnoz extends from Chéran to the shores of Lake Annecy. This mountain of Haute-Savoie ranges from an altitude of 450 meters to 1,699 meters. Close to Annecy Lake, it offers a vast terrain for activities like snowboarding, skiing, mountain hiking, and walks throughout the year. 

In general, the summer is pleasant, and outdoor activities can be enjoyed to a great extent, though thunderstorms and rain may occur occasionally. Among the most popular places in Semnoz is a barren area called Crêt-du- Chatillon. In addition to the perpetually snow-capped Alps, you can also see Annecy’s turquoise lake and picturesque city. If you are curious to know the weather updates and climate of the Semoz, here you will get all the relevant information that you need to know.

🔴 Webcam Semnoz (Panorama)

🔴 Webcam Semnoz Mountain Peak (Panorama)

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🔴 Webcam Semnoz – 1699 m

Sevrier: Semnoz – 1 699 m

Weather Radar Semnoz – The weather in Semnoz

Weather Radar Live receives information about cloud cover, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and precipitation and displays it to you in an easy-to-understand way. Webcam Semnoz offers you both current and forecast weather updates. So, if you have planned a tour to Semnoz you can navigate the map and get an estimate of the weather condition. Moreover, you can effortlessly view the weather condition, and using the + or – sign you can zoom in or out the exact location.


The Climate in Semnoz

The moderately continental climate of Semnaz allows the inhabitants and visitors to enjoy frigid winters and warm summers. Because of its proximity to the Alps, the climate is rainy and the snowfalls are quite frequent in winter. During times of high Atlantic currents, temperatures may be mild, but they may fall below freezing at other times – even -10 °C (14 °F).

Average Temperature

During January its average temperature lies around 36°F or 2.1°C. While during the warmest month of the year i.e. in July its average temperature is 69°F or 20.5 °C. 


The average annual precipitation in Semnoz is 49.2 inches or 1,250 millimeters.

Snowfall Reliability 

Annecy-LeSemnoz’s most cherished days are the Bluebird Powder days, which are typically characterized by sunshine and light winds after the very recent snowfall. Powder days may bring poorer weather conditions when visibility is limited but the snow is fresh and deep for powder enthusiasts. Some skiers enjoy bluebird days more than powder days, as they enjoy the snowy mountains in light winds and warmer conditions.

The Alpine Ski Area

Skiers of all levels can enjoy Semnoz’s 18 slopes. It has 6 red, 7 green, and 5 blue slopes. Ten ski lifts serve the slopes ( 7 ski lifts, 2 chair lifts, and a cable car). Bauges and Annecy snow fronts lie at an altitude of 1450 m. As the tracks ascend to 1704 meters, they pass through fir trees and alpine meadows. Freestylers can opt for a slopestyle type snowpark lined with modules (slide bars, boxes, jibs, etc.) or built-in modules (tables, spines, etc.) to perform jumps, figures, and rotations.