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Webcam Markstein

In the Vosges mountains in France, Le Markstein is an alpine winter sports station above 1,020 meters (3,346 feet) and 1,268 meters (4,160 feet). This ski resort is located on the Route des Crêtes in the Haut Rhin department. Slalom station, located in the resort, hosts annual International Ski Federation races. Le Route Nordique, which connects Le Grand Ballon, Le Markstein, and Le Schnepfenried, is the spine of the region and helps you explore it to the fullest extent. If you are interested in planning a trip to Marstein or want to enjoy this location from your home, Webcam Markstein helps you do so. Let’s explore the weather, climate, and Le Marsktein resort in detail!

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Oderen: Markstein

Weather radar MarksteinThe weather in Markstein

Interested to know today’s weather in Le Markstein? Webcam Markstein allows you to see the weather conditions, average temperature, cloud cover, precipitation, thunderstorms, and tornadoes in real-time. Scroll to the right to get details of the weather forecast and updates. Further, you can zoom in or out to see the detailed Le Markstein weather forecast for the coming days.


The climate in Markstein

Have a look below to know the climatic condition of Le Markstein 


The highest temperature in the hottest month of July in Markstein is 76°F or 24°C. And the lowest temperature in July is 56°F or 13°C. 

In February, average daily temperatures are 41°F (5°C) and 27°F (-3°C).


It gets 0.09 inches (2.3 mm) of precipitation daily in Markstein’s wettest month, December, whereas September, the driest month of the year, has a 24.8% chance of precipitation. 


August is the calmest month with an average wind speed of 8.8 mph (14.2 kph), while February is the windiest month with an average wind speed of 13.0 mph (20.9 kph).


The maximum relative humidity of 98% is recorded in January, while the minimum relative humidity of 69% is recorded in July.

Cloud cover 

The cloudiest month is July and has 55% of cloud cover while November is the cloud-free month with 28% of cloud cover.

Les Gets Ski Resort

Le Markstein resort is the main point of cross-country skiing. At its summit is the Jungfraukopf peak. A total of 35km of slopes are available at Le Markstein, located between 1000-1424m above sea level. It consists of 7 km of red, 5 km of blue, and 23 km of black slopes. Each slope has a different profile and is more or less wide and hilly. With 13 runs for all abilities, from beginners to experienced skiers, the Markstein ski area offers something for everyone. 

You can enjoy Toboggan on rail and experience sensations and chills. Besides, Le Markstein offers boardercross and snowpark to boost your excitement level. Also, there is a snow-kiting site located in the wilderness area, you can reach it by ski lift from the resort. Overall, Le Marsktein is the best place to visit both during summers and winters.