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Webcam La Grande Motte

La Grande-Motte, a commune in the Hérault département, is a famous seaside resort in the Languedoc-Roussillon region in southern France. With a nice beach and harbor, it stands out among the other developments along this coast. A large part of the Grande-Motte consists of hotels and buildings dating back to the 1970s. It has a seven-mile-long sandy beach and an array of accommodations. 

The La Grande Motte focuses on water sports and architecture. In addition to being a favorite spot for beach-lovers, it is also popular with those who love leisure and design. From sailing to boating and water skiing, it offers many activities. It lies in the heart of the Mediterranean coastline and has an adequate climate due to its average 300 days of sunshine annually.

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La Grande-Motte

Weather radar La Grande MotteThe weather in La Grande Motte

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The Climate of La Grande Motte

The climate in La Grande Motte is Mediterranean. La Grande-Motte experiences cold, long, and partly cloudy winters and warm, dry summers. 


An average temperature of 38°F to 84°F is typical for the region throughout the year, and it rarely falls below 29°F or rises above 90°F.


July is the clearest month in La Grande-Motte, with on average 80% of the days being either partly cloudy, mostly clear, or clear.

La Grande-Motte experiences the most cloud cover in November, with 46% of days being cloudy.


Rainfall in La Grande-Motte varies significantly by season. In La Grande-Motte, October has the rainiest days with an average of 7.1 days per month. The rainfall in October is 0.6 inches. 


There are 9.6 days per month in La Grande-Motte that are muggy or worse in August.


La Grande-Motte experiences the most wind in February when the speed of the wind averages 12.50 miles per hour. Wind speeds in La Grande-Motte average 9.5 miles per hour in August, making it one of the calmest months of the year.

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