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Webcam Champ du Feu

Located on the Lower Rhine, the Champ du Feu stands at 1099 meters high. Its snow-covered slopes are ideal for downhill skiers, and its groomed trails are perfect for cross-country skiers. The granite hill range of this region, which is the highest in the Lower Rhine, boasts plentiful high pastures, which make it a popular destination for winter sports and hiking. 

Despite its fragile and exceptional attributes, this site is characterized by mountain stubble fields and raised peat bogs. Want to visit this place? Webcam Champ du Feu offers detailed information about the current weather and how it will be in the next hours. Also, here we will cover the information related to the climate of the Champ du Feu. So, let’s get started!

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Hohwald › Norden: Tour du Champ du Feu (1099m)

Weather radar Champ du Feu The weather in Champ du Feu

Have you planned a trip to Champ du Feu, but are not sure when to go? Well, weather Radar Champ du Feu helps you get detailed weather updates. The webcam Champ du Feu provides coverage of different parameters. It offers the details of cloud cover, storms, tornadoes, thunderstorms, and rainfall. Moreover, it ensures that all the information is accurate, updated timely and you can also get weather forecasts. Start scrolling the bar and use the + or – signs present at the top right corner to view the weather in detail.


The Climate of Champ du Feu 

In Champ du Feu, the climate is mild and temperate. Köppen and Geiger have classified it as Cfb. Here the rainfall is considerable throughout the year. 


The hottest month in Champ du Feu is July with 20°C of average temperature, while the coldest month is  5°C. 


The average precipitation in the driest month (September) is about 2mm. 


August is the clearest month with 6.5 overcast days. During December, there are 7.9 days when the sky is overcast. 

Ski Resort Champ du Feu

This resort lies in the Department of Bas-Rhin. Skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts will find 7.8 km of slopes. The resort offers nine lifts to transport the visitors. Using these lifts, you can move to any of its downhill slopes. Out of its 13 downhill slopes, there are 5 green, 4 red, and 4 blue slopes. Its pistes cover a large area, providing a completely natural landscape. It is an evergreen spot for enjoyment. During the summer, the resort offers great hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking opportunities. This ski resort is the perfect place to enjoy skiing during winters. Its safe slopes are ideal for cross country skiing, snowboarding, tubing descents, and sledging. The Champ du Feu offers a range of equipment rental services, making it the ideal spot for a 100% natural experience.